Social Media Champions



JC2033 is looking for Social Media Friends, Social Media Ambassadors, and Social Media Activists who can help us expand our presence in the digital world. 


Social Media Friends need:

  • A passion to engage with our content on social media, faithfully sharing, liking and commenting where possible. Its' easy, won’t take much of your time but will make a huge difference. We will send you regular guidance, tips, and challenges.


Social Media Ambassadors need:

  • Either…Graphic design skills - ability to create compelling visual content.
  • Or Writing skills - ability to create engaging content on our themes and activities.
  • A passion for our DNA of resurrection, unity, and celebration.
  • A willingness to join our international ambassador program giving 10% of your working time to JC2033.


Social Media Activists need:

  • A passion to undertake high-intensity short term social media projects that will influence the global culture for Jesus. 
  • The ability to quickly respond to world issues with a relevant christian counter message. 
  • All-round SM digital visual and communication skills.


 What we offer:

  • A global JC2033 family with regular touchpoints, local events, and international travel opportunities.
  • Project guidance.
  • Project resources: advertising budget, softwares, equipment funding.
  • A global ambassador program.


For more information Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.